Looking for woodshop membership? We’re excited to announce that Off The Saw is now Allied Woodshop! Visit us at www.alliedwoodshop.com.

Off The Saw started out as a blog that Laura Zahn kept while a student at College of the Redwoods. It grew into her furniture company when she graduated and then became an umbrella for the classes and woodshop membership that we offer. Allied Woodshop will continue to be a home for high-quality classes and a collective space for furniture makers with a stronger identity that is unique to these elements of the shop.

Allied Woodshop’s new name and look are inspired by the history of our home, the Allied Crafts Building in Downtown Los Angeles. Built in 1925 by Florence Casler, we feel strongly connected to this pioneering woman developer and the craft and attention to detail she brought to the Beaux Arts building.

We invite you to visit our new website and follow us at @alliedwoodshop on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Off The Saw will continue to be Laura’s furniture practice.